ASCENSION AND REIKI - the true purpose.

REIKI has been given to us to help us in the process of ascension towards a more enlightened state of being while living on the Planet Earth.

The word "ascend" means to rise from a lower degree or level, and in this case it means the journey from the third dimensional state of awareness, or consciousness, into the fifth, and on. The REIKI symbols and attunements are tools to help us on our way.

Living in present time requires that we free ourselves from the hold the past has on us. We have entered the Aquarian Age after many lifetimes on earth that have left their scars on us while learning how to regain our true nature. These scars have limited our knowing that we deserve to live healthy and happy lives. It is time now to change our past conditioned thinking and program our thoughts to present time - this can be helped by the affirmatiion "I/we deserve to live healthy and happy lives, now and always".

To become an Ascended Master requires that we have the ability to choose - to have free will - and this means gaining mastery over our lower frequency, fear based, third dimensional thoughts so we are no longer controlled by them in the way we live our lives. The Earth herself has been affected by the way life on her has been lived for so long, and it is time now for humanity to evolve and for life on Earth to be peaceful and kind again. The fifth dimensional frequencies of love will prevail and we will no longer live lives that are conditioned and programmed by the negative effects of the past.

REIKI has been given to us as a tool to help in this evolutionary process. The symbols and attunements come from the higher dimensions of Love and Light and facilitate our ability to heal. Each degree is designed to help us let go of the old way of living by attuning us to a higher frequency. When we are attuned to First Degree we become able to channel a higher frequency energy through our hands that gives us a tool to facilitate healing on all levels of our being. Each step in the REIKI Master, Grand Master and Ascended Master levels help us in the ascension process. It may take us years before we become truly aligned with the higher frequency level of each degree. It is up to us how we wish to travel the journey, and how much healing is needed for the individual purpose.

... Just for today live in our heart ...