Ann Thomas was attuned to the 3 A level of REIKI through the American International Association of REIKI ( The Radiance Technique ) in l986 and l987, and attuned to the REIKI Master Teacher level through William Rand of the Center for REIKI Training in l992, and she began teaching in the London, Ontario, area..

In l994, through channelled messages, Ann received the knowledge and symbols for the Fourth to Seventh Degrees, and in l997 the Grand Master and Ascended Master Degrees, followed by "REIKI for the Fifth Dimension" and on beginning in 2001.

As of 2008, there are now five teachers qualified to teach these higher Degrees of REIKI

Irene Douglas, Komoka, Ontario.

Victoria Hartleib, London, Ontario.

Deborah Mareyna, London, Ontario.

Kathy Glover Scott, Ottawa, Ontario.

Carole Wray, London, Ontario.


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