There are steps, or Degrees, that may be taken to help complete the process to becoming a REIKI Master, and these are the Fourth to Seventh Degrees. The symbols that are given for these degrees are more specific and are for those who have the ability to allow the symbols to come to them through their intuitive mind, rather than mechanically using them as we may for the first three degrees.

Once a person has completed the process of becoming a REIKI Master, the Grand Master degrees help us continue on in our journey. The Grand Master degrees have been given to us in two different ways. One may take Grand Master Parts 1 and 2, which cover in a more general sense the steps needed to clear away the energies of the past that we no longer need in our lives today, - or one can take the individual seven steps to complete the Grand Master level and be ready to start on the Ascended Master level, where again - there is a choice to take a more general or a more detailed path. 

The steps in "REIKI for the Fifth Dimension" and on help us continue in our journey towards enlightenment.

All the Degrees of REIKI, from First Degree on, help us on our path to healthier and happy lives.

... Just for today live in our heart ...